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Sal Costa of Smashing Satellites

Smashing Satellites is a new Canadian rock/alternative band. They actually seem to fit into their own genre. Just getting off of their Canadian tour, we were able to get Sal Costa (seen seated in white) to answer a few questions for us. If you haven't heard of them, you should have. Go buy their EP SonicAluzions on iTunes now.

S&Em: First off, we are so happy that this wasn’t the end for Sal Costa. Tell us a little bit about the movement that is Smashing Satellites!

Sal Costa: Thank you so much for the love. I don't think there could ever be an end to my marriage with music - it is too much a part of who I am. It's in my DNA. Smashing Satellites is an attempt at bringing the human touch back to society. We have become so consumed with technology (although it can be great in some circumstances), that we literally have lost what makes us human… you know, the ability to connect with one another, without WiFi.   :) 

S&Em: How does this group mesh together?

Sal Costa: This is the first time in a long time I've been in a group with a bunch of people where there is SO much positive energy floating around. It almost feels wrong sometimes as I've been in many projects where there just seems to be a dark cloud that lingers constantly. We feed off each other's good energy and just work and praise our strengths. For a new band, I feel like we have come quite a long way in terms of our chemistry as just humans interacting with one another. One major thing we all have in common is that we are all just grateful to be doing this… following our dreams… and doing it as friends… watching each other get better at what it is we do.

S&Em: What is it about music that attracted you to it? Why do you think that so many people can relate to your songs?

Sal Costa: I can only hope that what got me into music is what gets people into MY music. Music was my friend growing up. It posed questions and gave answers. It made me understand vulnerability and that it is okay to be yourself, to act as yourself and to be okay with your flaws. The idea that you can sing about the things that hurt you and the things that elate you and to have someone feel those ideations and emotions is just beautiful. 

S&Em: Listening to the EP, and knowing that you said it was like your diary, can you tell us a bit of what was going through your head while writing A-Side SonicAluzion?

Sal Costa: There is a bi-polarity to my personality. My highs are through the clouds, but my lows… they get very low. During this period so many incredible things were happening in my life… you know, I'm living in LA, spending my days and nights writing on the beach in Malibu… feeling so inspired… free. But… I had also just come from a VERY dark relationship that lasted way too long with people that stripped me of myself. So, I was extremely vulnerable. If you listen to the record even the musical feel changes as some days I was writing in the clouds and some days I was writing on the floor. 

S&Em: Since this was like a diary, we know all of these songs have meaning to you. What song had the most impact on you while writing it?

Sal Costa: I'd have to say 'Taste Of Fame.' It was one of the first songs I wrote when I left a pretty toxic environment and I literally didn't know how else to get out these negative feelings. Writing, singing and playing this song just gave me my moment to speak. It was a weight off my shoulders.

S&Em: Listening to “Taste of Fame”and reading some of the buzz about it, we have to wonder what inspired you to write that song.

Sal Costa: I think for those who know my situation, who I am and where I am from - this song is a pretty obvious and specific piece of music and story. Our fatal flaw as humans is jealousy. Not being able to watch someone else shine, and when they do, trying to dim their light, or shut it off completely. I was extremely hurt when I wrote this song as I felt like I had been somewhat beaten down for a very long time. Lots of verbal and mental abuse - which to me, can be worse than physical abuse, however, I also know what that feels like as well. Although this song is so personal to me, I think there is a piece of this song for everyone in the world… both the shining and the ones who dim.

S&Em: First you had Saldiers and now you have Soulars. Did you have any people give you a lot of grief about leaving My Darkest Days, especially since Smashing Satellites is so different ? 

Sal Costa: Tons! But truly, if I stuck around in My Darkest Days my message as a human being would have been contradicting. Happiness is the key to life and I was just SO unhappy. Whenever someone stops me and asks "Why'd you leave MDD?", my answer is quite simple… "Would you keep flipping hamburgers at a place that would just squirt ketchup on you as you were working, go home feeling greasy every night, and then wake up to do it again and again if you had a chance to work at a classy restaurant down the street with a great Human Resources department?" People think artists and bands are different than the rest of the world, and we just aren't. We're human. Like the rest of the world, I have a heart, and it needs to feel like it has a place. Also - a lot of those who were and are upset about my departure focus more on that than actually giving a chance to what I'm doing right now, which in my opinion, is the most sophisticated piece of work I have ever made. I say this in not a cocky way, I say this because I truly laid it all on the line with this record. I took NO shortcuts. I was honest, and I took my time. A very long time.

S&Em: Hearing this EP could be kind of a shock to some listeners. It is a very different Sal Costa for so many people. You’re pushing boundaries with this album. Are you going to continue to change up your sound?

Sal Costa: To be 100%, this is the music I've been making my entire life. However, here's what has been my greatest flaw - I have never wanted to be a lead singer. EVER. So to a certain extent, I was only bringing half of the Sal Costa that people know me as to the party. And even half of that would get diluted because when you work in a project that is very concerned with being safe, most of everything cool ends up becoming very watered down. I knew that if I really wanted to make an honest record - I had to sing it, play it, write it and be there to produce it. This is Sal.

S&Em: You frequently state how much you admire Lana Del Rey and how much you would love to work with her? What is it about her, as an artist, that you find most admirable?

Sal Costa: There is a magic to her songs and lyrics. She gives me goosebumps. She is a great story teller, and I love stories… especially through music. I guess what I like most about her is what I can't explain about what I like about her… the X factor… She's majestical to me to a certain degree.

S&Em: “Hounds” was based off of a dream you had. You had model and actress Arielle Reitsma in this video. While we know you have a beautiful wife, was having a model/actress in your video a dream? How did that come about? And can you please explain this dream to us?

Sal Costa: Well… I'm an insomniac. I have a really hard time falling asleep, and as painful as it is, it can sometimes work to my advantage… I become somewhat delirious if I've been up for too long and I'll end up just crashing and having wild dreams… like I'm on some type of acid trip or something. The story of the creation of 'Hounds' goes like this… I was laying down in my bed in my apartment in LA during one of these episodes and I was thinking about this writing session I was going to in Malibu the next day. I was feeling a little uninspired and anxious as I felt the candle burning at both ends. That's all I remember… I then just fell into a deep sleep/trance type state of mind and I remember feeling as though I was sitting in an open landscape at night, underneath a full moon… In this dream I looked down at my hands and noticed they were covered in hair… as I panicked I started to touch the rest of my body and face and I felt hair everywhere… as if I was a werwolf or something… In the dream I looked over to my right and sitting beside me was this beautiful werwoman… with these big, beautiful eyes just calling me in. In the dream I remember singing to her "Hounds, we're hounds, two animals tangled under the moon. I howl, I howl for you." Poof! I woke up kind of sweaty and startled. I grabbed my iPad and I recorded the melody so I wouldn't forget it and then I went back to sleep. The next day I had completely forgot about this until I opened my iPad and saw the video clip I had made there. I ended up finishing the writing of the song that day, and we started recording it too. It was really weird, but I'm glad it happened. 

S&Em: Your new music video is coming out soon for “Waterfall.” How will this be different from the “Hounds” video?

Sal Costa: This video is a little more serious than 'Hounds'. The concept and weight of the song is also very different. This song goes back to the darker side of the record that I wrote shortly after my departure from MDD. It's hard to talk about this video without giving it away… so I will say this… IT WAS COLD! I'm really looking forward for to it coming out as it's pretty unique.

S&Em: You’re currently touring with Moist in Canada and you’re about to announce a US tour. When should we expect this announcement and what should we expect to see during your live shows?

Sal Costa: Yes! We just wrapped up our Canadian tour with Moist which was extremely successful. Man, we had such a great time. Moist was a band I listened to a LOT growing up, so to be asked by them to come on the road during the infancy of Smashing Satellites was a true honour. My second show ever as Smashing Satellites was with Moist, so that was pretty cool. We'll be having some US dates pop up in the new year so stay tuned. We're just breaking ground over there and we can't wait to get on the tour horse and ride.

S&Em: You’re known for your philanthropy. You worked with various organizations/causes in the past. Are you planning on Smashing Satellites having a big part in a cause any time soon? 

Sal Costa: Absolutely. There isn't one specific cause right this moment that I'm really promoting, however, once we get back on the road for a long period of time playing many cities, I will definitely be full force with helping promote a cause. I prefer doing this on the road because I get to be in a different city every day bringing awareness to it, and I find this to be so much more effective than when I'm not touring. I like to engage with humans, look them in the eyes… and that's hard to do from home. However, in general, I do a lot of work with helping animals, bullying and anything I can do help with cancer research.

S&Em: There is a Christmas show in Detroit coming up that you’re doing with Bush, Our Lady Peace, and You Me At Six. We know that you have toured with Bush before. What are you most excited about for this show? Could you see Smashing Satellites touring with Bush?

Sal Costa: I'm a little late getting on this interview as I was trying to fight off a cold due to the insane weather up north on the Moist tour. So I literally was just isolating myself until show time every day. What I'm getting at is that we played Detroit two nights ago! It was AHmazing. 89X in Detroit is the first station to play Smashing Satellites in America, so it was so great to go back on stage and watch people singing my (new) songs. That is a TRUE rush that I haven't felt in a while. It was also great to re-connect with my friends in Bush as it has been a while! After the show I hit up their dressing room and we just shot the shit until it was time for us all to go. Lots of laughs and jokes. We could definitely tour together, and I really do hope that we do again as aside from loving their music, I love them as people.

S&Em: We see that our friends Age of Days happen to be friends with you as well and are offering some very kind words of encouragement via social media. How does it feel to have so many people so excited about SonicAluzion and Smashing Satellites?

Sal Costa: AOD are GREAT people :) The music community were my biggest fans when I started this. Just all the bands I had toured with and are friends with really all showed their support. It was so great. I remember getting a call from Jacoby of Papa Roach early in the morning one day after he had heard the demo of 'Taste Of Fame.' The excitement in his voice was just so nice to hear. I also had two really great friends that were there from day one… Cody Hanson and Marshal Dutton. Without those guys, I don't think this would have ever happened. I'll forever be indebted to their kindness. 

S&Em: What is the best piece of advice that someone has ever given you? What advice would you give to artists that look up to you?

Sal Costa:A very wise person once told me "You're never as bad as they say you are, but you're never as good as they say you are either." That is a quote that really hit home with me and I'd like to pass on to other artists.

S&Em: Can you give us one rare fact about each of your new band members? 

Sal Costa: Mick - we have been in SO many bands together since we were 14 years old. Most people don't know that Mick actually is a bass player, but I needed a keyboard player/rhythm guitar player for this band and he literally learned those instruments in a matter of months and is better than most pro's I know. That is a TRUE testament to a real musician.

Devon - he was actually a comedian! He still is to us actually :) He's very witty and is always making sure there is lots of smiles happening at all times. It's great to have someone around that is light hearted, but serious enough to make sure things are getting done. Dev's a pro at what he does.

Myke - you know… in the music industry when you're getting started, we all do what we can to get by. Myke got his first break as an artist playing drums in a boy band. But, like me, it was a stepping stone for him to get to where he wanted to be. 

S&Em: If you could pick any five artists to collaborate with, who would they be and why?

Sal Costa: Lana Del Rey, Prince, Tove Lo, Freddy Mercury, Meg Meyers, Katy Perry, The BeeGees, and Don Henley (The Eagles) - and all for the same reason… They all have that X factor that I would love to feed off of.

S&Em: If you were told you had to cover one of today’s songs, but put a Smashing Satellites twist on it, what song would you chose?

Sal Costa: We actually currently have a cover with the SS twist on it… and… WE love playing it live :) Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know (S&Em Note: See that here)

S&Em: We’ve been fans of y ours for quite some time and we hope we get the chance to see you again soon. If you come to Massachusetts, you’ll have to seek out S&Em Music Reviews and Interviews! Deal?

Sal Costa: First off, thank you SO much for the love. It means so much. You totally have a deal. I love Massachusetts and I can't wait to get back there again soon. So many fond memories and looking forward to creating many more.

Much love,

S&Em would like to thank Mr. Costa and his management for allowing us to conduct this interview. We encourage our readers to go check out Smashing Satellites. A true artist at work that loves his fans and does everything with his heart. Mr. Costa is truly an artist we respect and support wholeheartedly.

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Hello Everyone!

It has been a bit since we posted. Sammie was off all summer doing an internship with the RSDSA and is now in her senior year of college studying Sport/Entertainment Management and Economics. She may post her senior thesis here in December about the impact of television on music sales (stay tuned). Emily has been busy with Colton and his first birthday all while working and going back to school. These past few months have been full of accomplishments for the both of us. But we are back and have some incredible interviews and reviews coming at you!

We've been in touch with some of our old interviewees and should be getting updates from them soon along with some exclusive videos and covers just for S&Em readers! How exciting!

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Kiss Concert (Kiss 108) Review

So, let me start by saying I pretty much haven't missed a Kiss Concert since I was 8. Back then, you could buy some of the artists CDs and get access to a meet and greet. It was a HUGE event that sold out instantly. Over the past couple of years, it has seemed to be taking a backseat to Jingle Ball. When this years' line up was announced, I got excited about two people. But the others were either artists I hadn't heard of or artists I only knew one song of. I didn't rush out to buy tickets. So when we won tickets for the second row, of course I got pumped up. What a great place to do a review from.

I'll admit, I walked into the first act late and didn't catch her name. It was an adorable little girl, probably around 8. She was full of personality from what I saw. She didn't seem scared at all.mi bet in a few years I'll be kicking myself for not knowing her name... But she did some covers and was just adorable. Have I mentioned she was adorable? I believe she did a bit of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy." How perfect can one child be?

Next up was Jill Jenson
You probably saw her on X-Factor a few years back with a story that brought tears to the eyes of many (including Demi Lovato). She was then, most recently, on American Idol. How she didn't go further, I will never understand. However this local lady can SING. Her first song was incredible. But what really made other people stop and stare (in a good way) was her cover of Ed Sheeran's "Lego House." Absolutely fantastic. Such an incredible voice. And she is stunning! Too bad she had to go to a wedding after or we would have tried to catch up with her. (S&Em Note: Stay tuned for an interview!)

Staying on the talent reality show trend, we had Kristen Merlin up next. (S&Em Note: We got her all on video, but it is sideways and won't rotate. We will upload it when we figure it out). This woman was on The Voice and was voted fan favorite. Another incredible local talent. Honestly, she should have won The Voicr, but my opinion is just that. She covered Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue." Wow. Such an incredible country voice from a person that pahks the cah in Hahvahd Yahd. She has a major homecoming shoe coming up in Brockton that you don't want to miss. But she was very comfortable on the stage. The audience went crazy seeing her. The reaction was priceless, I hope she felt the love coming from the Xfinity Center.

Aer comes out on stage (pronounced air).

Going in, I had absolutely no idea who they were, but I kept an open mind. Oh boy. They were very excited to be at the Kiss Concert. At first,mi thought it was a little much and that one of them was acting too much like a "hype man." But the more they performed, the better they got. They are also Mass natives. The woman next to me had turned to me and said "The attractive singers are their saving grace. I'm not sure how I would like them with my eyes closed."  That made me wonder. So I closed my eyes. They reminded me a bit of Emblem 3. The enthusiasm is very noticeable. The vocals weren't perfect, but it was fun! You don't see people enjoying music like that anymore. With a bit more experience in performing, I think they're definitely people to watch. I enjoyed them.

NKTOB MKTO performed next. 

So many people thought New Kids On The Block were performing when they heard the abbreviation, but this isn't an 80s/90s boy band. Another duo with very high energy. They interacted with the crowd and got people on their feet. The two balance each other out/compliment each other well. Side note: their drummer was fantastic, although I don't believe that he is a part of MKTO. It was nice to see the singers appreciate their band though. They made sure the crowd recognized the band. The song "American Dream" had to be downloaded to my iPod instantly. I really enjoyed the message and how it was performed. But what is their claim to fame? The song that is currently taking over the radio: "Classic." This is the song that references Michael Jackson and Prince. It's a fun song, but I feel like it was done in the 2000s. Plus, so many of the kids don't know who MJ and Prince are that the references go right over their heads. Are we really that old? Anyways, that performance definitely got the crowd into it since everyone could sing along.

Rixton was up next. 

I had no idea who they were until someone told me they sang that "Me and My Broken Heart" song. I'll get to that later. There are five guys in the British band. All of them play instruments (hallelujah!) Robin Thicke watch out. This lead singer has MUCH better falsetto! I'd love to hear him cover an old Robin a Thicker song. As a band, they performed very well together. They had some nice choreography with their instruments and one another. The song "Appreciated" may be my new favorite song. Again, this band was full of personality, but you can tell they take their craft seriously. They're starting their tour IN BOSTON in August, so definitely check that out. Learn some more of their music!

The beautiful Katy Tiz followed Rixton.

She opened with a "No Scrubs"/"Say My Name" medley. We must have been the only ones from "that" generation, as she kept looking at us and smiling since we were singing along. It was quite a clever mash up, and from what I've seen on YouTube, she's pretty awesome at mash ups. She was so bubbly and so humble, I enjoyed her presence. I think she may be a bit sassy based on her songs, which I love. For example, she performed "I Don't Give A" and it was fantastic. She ended her set with "The Big Bang," but she first thanked the crowd for loving the song and getting it on the charts, stating we will never love her as much as she loves us. I love her voice and her style of singing. It's intriguing. She's just a fun artist, I love it.

R5 came out next.

 Now, I know who Ross Lynch is because I have a bunch of little cousins that love the Disney Show "Austin and Ally." So I was waiting to see them to bring back awesome pictures and videos so I could be the best big cousin ever (especially since after the Radio Disney Music Awards my little cousin had been fangirling). They came out with crazy energy, jumping around and dancing like "rock stars." They covered an old song first and then did one of their well known songs called "Loud." Something just seemed off. Ross had been jumping around like crazy, and then he just stopped. I don't know if he hurt himself or if the fact that a sound tech had to come out and reattach some of his equipment to him ruined the vibe, but he seemed pretty standoffish. His siblings were much more personable. They interacted with the crowd while Ross ran his fingers through his hair. When they performed "(I Can't) Forget About You" the crowd went insane. It was very well performed. I was just very distracted by what seemed like an attitude from Ross. The little girl in front of me even seemed to notice and she was about 6. Everyone has bad days...

Cash Cash

Man that was a throw back. I loved their old song "Party in Your Bedroom" back in high school. But everything was completely different. 3 guys, all EDM. No one knew any of the songs and half the crowd sat down. It was really disappointing, I felt like I was on Jersey Shore (and I got soaked with water from water bottles they were squirting at the crowd). However, I did know "Take Me Home," which they brought out the woman that sings the song to perform with them.i hate to say this, but I truly dislike EDM. Maybe I'm biased, but this was the least impressive set of the night.


I seriously love these two. I saw them a few years back and they were great, so I had high expectations. Amy now has blonde is hair which she was rocking. I believe they are still engaged, although I saw no ring (maybe because they were performing). These two are so captivating and energetic that I kept forgetting to take notes. I even forgot they are also from Boston! They put out their first full length album, Pulses, a month ago. So, how was their performance? They exceeded my expectations by far. Absolutely phenomenal and amazing crowd interaction (R5 take notes). If you can't think of what they sing, think back a few years to "Brokenheared." Singing, rapping, they have it all. This song got the crowd going! Plus seeing them interact with each other just makes me swoon. Ah, musician love. I would absolutely go see them in their own show. So incredible.

Before I hyperventilate, I have a confession to make. I am a huge Ariana Grande fan.

Such a huge voice comes out of such a tiny lady. It's strange to think she's only s few months younger then me and she's out their living the dream and being a triple threat while I just blog about it. Anyways. Her set seemed short, but at least it wasn't just one song like it was last year. Her dancers are always on point. I did feel really bad for her mom, who almost got trampled in the audience. Leave Joan alone guys! Anyways, again the woman next to me commented. She said "This is terrible lip syncing." Of course, she wasn't looking at Ariana, but the screen behind her which had a delay. Once she realized that, she was in awe. This girls stage presence is incredible. Being in "Thirteen" must have done wonders for her when she was younger. There wasn't a single note off. And you can't deny that "Problem" featuring Iggy Azalea is a contender for song of the summer. But she looked beautiful, her dancing has improved, and she sounded great. She seemed extremely nervous though, which interfered with her crowd interaction. But other thsn that, she was flawless. After she performed, most of the crowd left!

I spent the entire day trying to figure out how I knew Timeflies.

The singer/rapper looked incredibly familiar, but I couldn't figure it out. Before they went on, I believe it was one of their roadies (or maybe it was an Xfinity Center employee that wasn't wearing the uniform) but either way, this person FREAKED out saying their wasn't enough room on the stage. I was concerned this would set the tone for the whole set. But when they came out, there were no issues. I learned they were from Medford, MA which is fantastic, I love local talent. Everyone was singing eith them. Then they referenced a Twitter/YouTube series/trend called Timeflies Tuedays. Basically, you give them random words and they put them in a hat and the very attractive rapper/singer/frontman freestyles. They brought out radio and TV personality, Romeo, to give him a list of words that he could freestyle on stage. All of them were Boston based. Honestly, I was beyond impressed. I'm glad I got it all on video. (S&Em Note: Again, the video is sideways... we are figuring it out). Needless to say, I now am subscribed to their YouTube channel.

Jennifer Freaking Lopez was up next. 

Seriously. I was like 10 feet away from her. She looks absolutely incredible. She sounded absolutely amazing. And her performance was incredible. What else do you expect? It was perfection. I love that she brought so many dancers. She was definitely embracing her soon to be single life. Girl loves to show off that infamous butt. There was more dancing than singing, however it was such an amazing set that I almost don't care. Plus Napoleon and Tabitha are her choreographers. But seriously, what can't this woman do? But please JLo, stop with the papi thing. I can't handle people that call their boyfriends/husbands "daddy" or "papi." Plus I haven't "Luh'd" someone since 8th grade. I do, however, love people. Including Ms. Lopez. By the way, she didn't come off as a diva at all. She interacted with the crowd in a personal way and seemed invested.

Fifth Harmony, another Simon Cowell success, followed. 

They are from the same season of X Factor as Jill Jenson. I remember seeing them on the show. Oh my, they are just too adorable. My little cousin loves Camilla and her bow. However, Lauren has such a powerful voice. She seemed a little off and I believe I saw tears, so I hope everything is alright with her. I didn't know most of the songs, but they were great performers. There were a few technical issues, but nothing too bad. I believe they could be today's Spice Girls. I know kids, Tweens, and teens love them. "Miss Moving On" is their big song. It was hard to recognize at first, but once it got going, the crowd erupted (even more than before). They had a huge fan base at the show. Again, they seemed nervous, but they interacted with the crowd a lot. It was wicked cute. Made them much more likable.

Ending the show was Calvin Harris

Yes, he is a DJ. Yes it is EDM. However, it was an incredible set, although it seemed quite long. I knew more songs than I realized. He's adorable and got the crowd jumping and dancing. Confetti was everywhere, fog covered the stage, and fire erupted. It was an incredible shoe. I'm sensitive to strobe lights, so I had to sit with my eyes covered, but this is why you bring a friend. He was great. Please tell me someone else hears "sex with elephants" instead of "such sweet nothings." Listen to it, think about it, your life is changed.

Overall, I ended up really enjoying myself. I wouldn't have bought the tickets and I'm not sure if I would have enjoyed the show as much from my usual seat (the lawn). It definitely isn't the same as old shows, but it was a nice way of introducing new artists.

Have a show you want reviewed? Want to see how you compare? Contact us! We are happy to review.

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Adelitas Way

What you've heard is true, we got the chance to interview Rick from Adelitas Way! This amazing band native to Las Vegas will not disappoint you. Whether you're a die hard fan or you're just hearing about them for the first time now, you'll quickly learn what an incredible band this is. Check out everything we learned, including the unique story behind the band's name and who the song "Alive" is about to why we wish that all artists had the same mindset as them.

S&Em: Adelitas Way is a unique name. How did you create this name for the
band? Is the Mexico story on Wikipedia true?

AW: Yes the Mexico story is 100% real haha it was a really crazy but also enlightening experience in Tijuana.

(S&Em Note: Check it out on Wikipedia, it’s one of the most interesting stories we’ve heard. It includes Mexican police and getting robbed).

S&Em: It seems as though Homeschool Valedictorian becomes even more popular each and every day, even though it was released in 2011. Did you ever anticipate this album, or even this band, getting to this point?

AW: We worked really hard on it so we definitely are blessed but we did believe it could get to this point, I still see the band getting bigger from here, I really feel like we can be the band headlining these big festivals.  We work really hard and we are constantly growing as artists and performers. The level of what we are doing will be even higher on the next release we have a vision and a goal, and I don’t plan on stopping until we are at the top of the chain.

S&Em: Will there be any more singles from Homeschool Valedictorian released before the new album?

AW: We have already been blessed with 4 hit singles off the record with Sick, The collapse, Criticize, and Alive, and we are very grateful, but we are ready to release more music. I see us as a band who is building a die hard following, we aren’t a band that is really too singles driven but we are honored to have success there. We like to do it the old fashioned way by rocking every city every night and building an army.  Rock has become somewhat underground outside of the amazing support we get from the G ass rock stations, because mass media really ignores most rock bands, not all but the majority. We don’t concern ourselves with anything but making great songs, and rocking as hard as we can every single night for every rock n roll fan that comes to see us.  We like to make great records, not just live song to song, and I’m ready for the world to hear what we have created next.

S&Em: People have been writing on Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media that they want to use “Alive” as their wedding song. What is it like to hear that from fans?
AW: I wrote the song about the most beautiful woman to change my life for the better, my beautiful wife, and I’m glad that people are connecting with the feelings I had about to the ones that they love so much.  The song is about love and passion, and someone giving you a feeling that makes life beautiful. It’s so amazing to be a part of such a special day in someone’s life, so for people to use that on their big day it’s such an honor

(S&Em Note: Awwww! Swooning!)

S&Em: The video for “Alive” featured a man in the hospital who looked like he was about to go in for a procedure , but was taken away by someone that we presume was his girlfriend and brought around for an adventure. At the end it seems like it may have been a dream, but
nevertheless it was a great concept. Where did the idea for this come from?

AW: Never take the ones you love for granted you never know how long you will have them for

S&Em: The song “The Collapse” got us pumped up when we were listening to it. What song gets fans most pumped up during shows?

AW: Our set is really high paced and energetic and the fans keep up from front to back, they love Sick, Invincible, Criticize it’s amazing to see and feed off of them.

S&Em: “Criticize” had a sound reminiscent of Seether and Shinedown combined(we hope you take that as a compliment). We loved the message of the song and we know we’ve had people in our lives similar to who you describe in the song. Have each of you had a person like that?

AW: Haha I think the whole world knows that person, they exist for each of us in our minds.

S&Em: With the success of Homeschool Valedictorian in mind, do you put more pressure on yourselves for your new album?

AW: Not too much, you always wanna be great, but I do this because I enjoy it, I like to make music, and use my influences from my life.  I just go with the flow and work hard to execute and make sure it’s real.  I have learned so much from the beginning of my musical journey, and I
feel we are the best we have ever been right now.  I take my music really seriously, and I work on it that way to.  I am very confident in what is coming next from us, it will separate us from the pack, and take us in the direction we have been focusing on which is being one of the best to do this in the time we are a part of in music.

S&Em: You’ve toured with some major artists (Seether, Shinedown, Creed, Three Days Grace, Theory of a Deadman, etc.)  Now you all are pretty major artists yourself. Have any of these artists mentored you or helped you along the way?

AW: Of course they have all been so amazing to us, and they have all become great friends.  When you are playing with great artists you strive to be a great artist, and we have never taken our eye off the prize.

S&Em: You are signed to Virgin Records. How did that come about?

AW: Lots of hard work, A great team, and an A&R guy who isn’t afraid to believe, Kim Stephens believed in us since day 1 and he has never stopped.  He understands our vision of what we can become, and we are becoming it.  We have been blessed, but we also put in above and
beyond the work to do it.

S&Em: How did each of you become inspired to become artists?
AW: We all just love music, and are influenced by so many amazing legends such as Metallica, Zeppelin, Nirvana, Soundgarden, The Beatles, listening to all the great bands inspires you to send your messages to the people in the world.  I feel like a lot of people can close their
eyes listen to my words and connect with me on a level that if you think about it is really amazing.

S&Em: What was one of the most random times that inspiration for a song hit
one of you?

AW: I sometimes just get hit with the song, the chorus, the lyrics, I can feel it, it’s pretty crazy but I just go with the flow.  I also get inspired by jamming some things just have a vibe and u can feel it, the topic and song almost just comes to you.  Like I said I just follow the path, and work my ass off.  If a great idea comes to me my only focus is executing it the way i can hear it being.

S&Em: Where do most of the inspirations for songs come from?

AW: Life, sadness, happiness, anxiety, love, beauty so many things but it all stems from life

S&Em: For you guys, what is the process of putting a song together like?

AW: So many different ways, we usually start with a melody or lyrics, or we just jam out.  Music comes from so many places.  I walk around all day everyday with my mind racing, lyrics, melodies, ideas, and we jam that shit and try to execute the sounds I hear.  Rob inspires me a lot
with beautiful guitar licks or chords.  Our chemistry is fun.

S&Em: There is currently a contest to win a signed guitar from you! Tell us a little bit about that.

AW: We love connecting with our fans and showing them we love and appreciate them, we have a great energy with the fans and it’s important to let them know that  you wanna kick ass for them at all times.

S&Em: What can we expect from your album that is due out this year? Any major surprises?

AW: We really want to separate ourselves but stay true to who we are, I never stray away from my influences in music or in life so it will be AW, but we see ourselves as a band, a real one, I wanna be Gangsters. We are going to do things that no one has heard in a long time, we are
gonna use our energy, and our passion, and our work ethic, and we will make a record that will be good for rock music.  We are going to execute, and our mission is to destroy every farce band out there, if you’re  not a real band you will get stomped out by us, that’s the mission, that’s the goal, I want people to look back when I’m gone and say they were one of the best bands I saw, or the songs they wrote inspired me, or helped me, or relieved me.  It’s on, we aren’t fucking

S&Em: What is a band that you have not toured with yet that you would like to tour with?

AW: Soundgarden or Alice in chains

S&Em: One of our favorite things about Adelitas Way is that every song is powerful. The vocals and instrumentals are always strong. Sometimes, musicians let one or the other become weaker to put the focus on the opposite. How do you keep that balance?

AW: We just play, if you overplay you do take away from the vibe, but you can also be musical, and melodic together, it’s about the band connecting with each other and feeling where we all are, it’s a beautiful process.

S&Em: We all have artists that we think are going to be considered legendary. Who, out of musicians today, do you all think will be legendary?

AW: I think for today’s climate I expect us to be as legendary as we can be, there are obvious legends like Metallica, Soundgarden, AIC, Incubus, I think and believe we will be todays versions of what some of them bands became, we have the potential and skillet to make music
that can change people moods.

S&Em: As a band, what is one of the biggest goals you are striving for right now?

AW: We are striving for being the best we can be, and connecting with our audience on a level that is really personal, but in many different moods.  I just wanna rock faces, and connect with our fans, and be one of the best rock bands that’s come out in this time.

S&Em: On Twitter, we asked some of your fans what questions they wanted to ask you. The most frequent questions were about touring. First of all, will you be touring through the States in 2013?

AW: We will be touring in the summer again, and we will be better than we have ever been we promise

S&Em: If you come to Massachusetts, will you let us know? We’d love to see you live. And
of all the members of the band, who is the trickster? Has there ever been an epic band prank?

AW: Our live show is one of the things we pride most, ask our fans about it the AW experience is a fun one :) lots of energy, and madness, we aren’t [pranksters], we are really chill, we hang together and focus on domination.

(S&Em Note: With the mindset that Adelitas Way has, we are sure domination is in the near future).

S&Em: What is the best thing about being on tour?

AW: Playing shows for the people, I love it.

S&Em: What is the best thing about being off tour?

AW: Spending time with my family and recuperating my body

S&Em: Do you have any unique names for your fans?

AW: No we just think they rule :)

S&Em: What advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

AW: Get ready to work really really really hard, the game has changed there’s not a ton of money, or fame, but if you want it for the right reasons you will be gratified, it’s about the music and the fans and your family.  There is no feeling like creating, or playing live that could fill a spot in my life like music does